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School Year Final Stretch: Get Busy!

The end of the school year is around the corner.  Make sure you’re ready for it!

If you’re in high school, now is the time to get organized for exams and summative project due dates.

Make sure you’re on track with your courses.

Here are some things to do in the final stretch:

  1. Get out a big calendar to show the remaining weeks of the school year, and post it on the wall in front of your workspace. 

  2. Mark all significant due dates and tests. Note other key occasions such as school concerts, sports events, and social occasions. Use colour highlighters and Sharpie pens to emphasize the important things coming up in your life.

  3. Organize your notes and binders. Figure out what classes you missed, and copy a friend’s notes for anything missing.

  4. Review the material covered so far, and judge your areas of strength and weakness. Get extra help on challenging math concepts or science theories you just don’t grasp. For heavy reading classes such as English and History, make sure you’re up to date.

  5. Find out what is on the final exam for all subjects. Talk to your teachers.

  6. Create a broad study schedule. Map out the weeks between now and exam time/project due dates. Start to block off chunks of daily study hours. Include a balance of studying, sleep, exercise, and relaxation in each week. Be realistic, but set goals and intention.

  7. Begin to create study notes for your heavy content subjects.

  8. Reward yourself in a special way for hard work, and commitment to good study habits and time management throughout your studying period, and especially at the end!

Make a plan for a successful year-end! 

Avoid cramming and burn-out, by setting goals and taking time to prepare, ahead of time.

When you’re all done for the school year, you’ll be thrilled with your efforts!


For information on how to prepare for a Mathematics exam, check out my blog post.

And for more scoop on time management, here is a video where I walk you through the basics.

Good luck!


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