My services

support students and parents at different stages in their educational journeys, for different reasons. 


I've created my programs & workshops in response to the fears that keep my clients (parents) up at night.  

I believe every child and teen can achieve personal & academic success. With encouragement, the use of concrete tools & efficient strategies, and a clear plan, students can realize their potential.  They can thrive academically and personally!

If you're looking for something specific, we can tailor any program to your child/teen's individual needs. 

Want more information?  Let's meet.  Book an educational consult call to get started. 


Let's help your students reach their

full potential!

Consulting & Support: Preschool - Grade 12


Schools & SOS!

Find the best fit, at any stage.


Talk to us if you're:


  • considering a change from your child's current school or program,

  • needing solutions for a challenge or struggle your child’s facing at school

  • preparing your child for kindergarten

  • preparing for the transition to high school

  • new to the GTA and need help navigating your school options,

and we will provide the information you need. 


We will offer support and options.


Contact us to make a plan!



Find the "best fit" school or academic program for your unique child, and make a smooth transition.


Talk to us about the options for your tween/teen, and what's involved in the process.


For students applying to private or specialized high schools, we offer one-on-one & small group support packages:


  • SSAT Preparation Workshops

  • Interview Skills Workshops

  • Application & Essay support

  • Auditions Workshops


We take the stress out of this busy time so you can save time and focus on studies and extra-curricular activities.


Feel confident about your decisions. 


Set up a call today!


Support your adolescent’s development of effective learning and study skills. Enroll in Right Track's most popular workshops:


  • Study Skills Bootcamp

  • Study Mastery Bootcamp.


You'll be amazed at your child's confidence boost (not to mention marks!)


Book a call now.  Don't wait!

High School & Beyond 


We counsel high school students in Grades 9-11, in person or online, about:


  • choosing courses and extra-curricular activities (so they can highlight, develop, and deepen their skills, knowledge and potential)

  • ways to keep their options open for meaningful & suitable career pathways

  • assessments of learning styles and personality

  • values, interests, and skills inventories

  • step-by-step action strategizing for high school and post-secondary pursuits

  • how to make the most of the four years of high school.

Students feel confident, stress-free, and self-aware as they approach graduation.

Book an educational consult call today!


If you have a Grade 12 student considering university or college

options, this program is for him/her!   We advise students in person, or

online about:

  • finding the right post-secondary destinations

  • university and college applications completion

  • admissions essays

  • SAT/ACT preparation

  • Gap Year options

  • where to find scholarships.

Your future graduate will feel empowered, knowledgeable, and excited about the future.

Call us now to get started with planning!

Parent Workshops, Summer Strategy, & The Shine Bright Project

To help your teen get real world ready, register for these important



Parent Workshops

Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know about parent workshops, such as:


  • Planning & Funding Post-secondary

  • Transition to High School

  • Selecting Schools (Kindergarten Transition)


Summer Strategy


  • find opportunities, and get the job or internship / volunteer gig

  • cover letter and resume strategy

  • Interview Skills workshop and networking

The Shine Bright Project

Unleash your entrepreneurial spirit by starting (from scratch!) a community outreach or small business of your own!


Enroll now. Your teen will be ready to take on the world: polished, capable, and confident.

Want a program tailored to your child's needs?

Ask us about our custom packages.

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