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How to Talk to Kids about COVID19: CTV National News with Angie Seth

On March 16, 2020 I had the pleasure of talking to Angie Seth on CTV National News, about how to talk to kids about COVID19, and how to manage them at home during closures.

I explained that when discussing the COVID19 crisis, it's important to speak to kids in a calm, reassuring way, and keep the information factual and age-appropriate.

Empower little kids by getting them to take action: wash hands! cough and sneeze like this! and social distance to stop germs from growing.

Teens already have too much information from social media and other sources. Get them on board by talking about social good and how they can make an impact in their community and in the world.

I suggested a few tips for families as we get used to this new normal:

- create a new routine as a family

- set up a personal workspace for everyone in the family

- involve the kids in the planning.

Most of all, love your kids. Listen and be there as they absorb the situation.


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