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Launch Your Kid

Launch Your Kid

How to Promote Your Child’s Academic and Personal Success

(without being a helicopter parent)


In Launch Your Kid, Jane Kristoffy MEd advises parents how to get their kids through school and prepare them for the real world. She empowers parents with simple strategies that can minimize their feelings such as overwhelm, worry, and helplessness. In her no-nonsense, down-to-earth discussion about how to promote kids’ academic and personal skills at home, Jane shows parents they don’t need to be an experienced teacher, social worker, or psychologist to help their kids thrive, and they can avoid being helicopter parents in the process! After many years as an educator, consultant, and parent, Jane’s heard all the scoop about what keeps parents up at night. Launch Your Kid is her response to these conversations. Jane also knows first-hand how hard raising kids and teenagers can be, and she shares some of her successes and struggles as a single parent. 


Launch Your Kid is stocked with easy-to-implement and impactful tips and suggestions. Jane shows how easy it is for parents to do a little bit—every day—to support their kids toward the end goal: to launch them.




Jane Kristoffy MEd is an educational strategist who helps students find their academic direction, no matter where they are in their educational journey. She motivates tweens and teens to unleash their potential by helping them develop their learning and life skills and find their passions and strengths. 

A teacher and guidance counsellor for more than twenty-five years, Jane founded Right Track Educational Services in 2012. She works closely with students and families, virtually and in real life. She’s a popular speaker on a variety of education and parenting topics as well as a regular guest expert on national television news outlets. Jane is building a YouTube channel with her interview series “On the Right Track: Career Stories,” putting a spotlight on the experiences of thriving people who are on all kinds of career paths.


Jane lives in Toronto, Canada, with her Labradoodle and two teenagers, and when she’s not playing tennis or practicing yoga, she’s planning her next international adventure. 


Follow Jane on Instagram here, and stay on the pulse of her YouTube Career Stories interviews here.


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