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What Parents Are Saying About Our Workshops

Our postsecondary planning workshops give parents the planning & funding information they need to support their high school kids as they prepare for life after graduation: university, college, workplace, or gap pathways.

We share our own experiences as parents, and our expertise as long-time educators. We love presenting to parent groups and we always receive enthusiastic feedback from them.

Extremely valuable sessions. Learned a LOT. Thank you both for a wealth of insights and helpful advice. We will recommend your session to others!

– H.W., parent

Thank you so much for this very valuable session. I truly feel more able to support my child. I will definitely recommend it to others. Great job!

– F.J., parent

Thank you for your information session. We learned a lot of things we would have overlooked. Greatly appreciated!

– K.L., parent

It was a lovely evening and I was just telling my colleagues how the information you provided and the messaging was top quality and on message with what we’re saying here too.

– J.M., Guidance Counselor

Very informative. I came in overwhelmed and with zero knowledge! Thank you for sharing your knowledge. You’ve given me lots of homework!

– Karen, parent of Grade 9 students

The information session was very helpful, and covered quite a bit in a short amount of time!

– M.B., parent of a high school student

Thank you for all the information you have shared. It is really helpful for us! – R.B., parent

Thank you for a terrific presentation. – K.G., parent

Thank you for a very informative session on post-secondary education funding. I am a recent immigrant to Canada and hence, prior to the session, I did not have any idea of the alternate funding possibilities. I felt you and Jane presented a wealth of information in an authentic and clear manner.

– Viswanath V., parent of a high school student

My son and I loved the presentation that you and Jane did last night. So much amazing info and take aways.

– J.F., parent of a high school student

Glenda and Jane are a dynamic duo. Their presentation combined their expertise, professional insight and curated wisdom on a topic of great interest. Taking away the mystery and malaise that can come with walking a child to the next stage of their academic pursuits. Carving out an evening to attend the seminar was invaluable and will reap dividends for my family. I’m glad that I chose to attend now while our child is still in Grade 10. With all this practical and applicable information it is never too late or too early to attend a session like this. As a parent, I feel prepared, energized and ready to support my child in her post-secondary academic pursuits. I am now armed with arsenal for the focus and drive toward the next finish line. I’m also excited and confident for my child to succeed in the pursuit of scholarships. I then sent my husband and many of our dad friends went to another one and they LOVED it too!

– Jen W., parent

I enjoyed your talk last month. My son is in Grade 9 but i’m trying to be informed ahead of time.

– K.O., parent

We’ve learned a lot. Thanks so much. – C.W., parent

Recently my wife and I attended the helping teens plan and fund their education presentation. This presentation is a must for all teens, parents or really anyone looking to make the jump to post secondary. Its hard to imagine taking that step without participating in this sit down. Key for us was the importance of preparation. We were glued the whole way through. Glenda/Jane Well done! – Ray C., “parent of two kids making the jump into post secondary”

I really enjoyed your session and want my son to hear it as well. – A.B, parent of Grade 11 student

Thank you. I appreciated this seminar. – L.L., parent

Thank you for the session last night. It was a good way to kick off the quest for some scholarship funding for my daughter as she heads into Grade 12. I found the most interesting part of the sessions is the information you both share that is a result of your insider’s knowledge and that is not readily available. It is interesting to have information confirmed from professionals who are in contact with the universities. – J.M., parent

It was a wonderful session. Very informative for me as a parent and an educator. – L.S., parent

Thank you for your amazing presentation that I attended with my daughter. – L.M., parent

I found the workshop very informative and your research very well prepared. I made some great notes which are relevant to my situation. Thank you. – M.O., parent

I’m in my 22nd year of teaching high school. Your session provided excellent detail, real life examples, and certainly left me feeling more confident! – S.D., parent of Grade 12 student

Great workshop and my son stayed attentive for the two hours so that speaks to how engaging it was. – L.H., parent of high school student

I attended your session about post-secondary planning. I found the information to be really helpful. – W.M., parent of Grade 11 student

I really enjoyed the session tonight. – N.D., “A now much better informed parent”

The Postsecondary Info Night was fabulous! As a parent with two teens in high school, I found this session to be invaluable. So much great information was shared, and I know that it was just the tip of the iceberg! Thank you! – Debbie C., parent of a Grade 11 student

Thank you! Very informative! – R.C., parent Please join us for one of our informative workshops, either during our Spring or Fall virtual or in-person tours.


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