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Teen Summer Job Search

There may be snow on the ground and cold temperatures outside, but before we know it, summer will be here! 

Has your teen thought about how she will spend her summer? Volunteer work, employment? Pursuit of high school credits, or other certifications?

Now is the time to get things organized so students can bank some meaningful experiences, and, maybe some cash in their savings accounts.

Here are some steps for your teen to get started with a job search.

1) Consider the following questions:

what are your interests and skills?what are your aspirations and goals for the future?what incentives do you have to earn money?do you need to fulfill volunteer service hours for your high school diploma?do you need experience in a particular role to qualify for an academic program or job?do you want to get ahead by taking an online high school credit or do day summer school?

2) Create a resume.

highlight your volunteer experiences, leadership endeavours, awards and certifications, and any work experience accumulated to date.

3) Begin your volunteer and job search. 

find leads for opportunities online, or, at community centres, camps, sports organizations, and local retail establishments. contact people in your network: family friends and neighbours may need interns or summer students to work for them. Who do you know that can help you?reach out, use your imagination, and make some connections. Self advocate! Ask people!

4) Apply for the job or volunteer position. 

draft a cover letterfine tune your resume to fit the job description.

5) Prepare for job interviews by learning about the job, and how your skills can benefit the workplace you’re trying to join.

Summer is a time for students to take a break from full-time studies, yes. But teens can still enjoy some down-time while gaining meaningful life and job experiences.

I urge teens to think about planning their summer strategically. If seeking a job or volunteer position, look into opportunities to grow your skill set, and learn relevant knowledge for the next phase of your life. You can still have fun and rest!

If your teen wants help navigating the summer job world, and in the application & interview process, contact me.

I’d love to help!


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