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Take a Gap Year! Or Two!

There are many compelling reasons to take time after high school or after a college/university degree program is done, to take a breath and find adventure.  You’ve heard it called the “Gap Year.”

Here are a few reasons:

Graduates can:

-create their own life and choices for a year;

-develop greater maturity, confidence, independence, and life skills;

-become more compelling college and job candidates;

-gain space from their academic process, and as a result may feel a greater appreciation for further education;

-take a breath from work or studies to gain a clearer perspective about what they want in life;

-develop interpersonal skills while meeting and working with people of all ages, backgrounds, and cultures;

-become more self-reliant;

-learn to manage a budget with savvy and prudence;

-gain experience outside the work environment that can lend a fresh outlook;

-add new tools to their skill set, such as communication skills, a broader social perspective, a degree of independent thinking;

-experience long hours and hard work for low pay (in many situations), and appreciate how important and impactful a university degree can have on livelihood;

-develop a valuable competency, such as learning a language;

-create expertise in a specialized area of their profession;

-and, discover a new business opportunity.

Everyone has a unique educational journey and life. Many students don’t feel “ready” emotionally to begin post-secondary education straight out of high school. And many college and university graduates aren’t ready to make a mark in the workforce immediately following convocation.

A Gap Year may be the perfect option for the near future.

Get started with online research about Gap Year options: here and here and here. Take your time – there are tons of opportunities.  The internet has endless suggestions!

Internships, volunteer work, paid employment will all contribute to a resume for graduates — and grads can combine any of the three over a year or so. Then after all the work is done, go backpack your favourite destinations! 

This is a blank canvas!

Have fun with the possibilities!


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