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T’was the Night Before Test Day

Do you have a big test or exam coming up?

Review these suggestions to make the most of the hours before your big event.


  1. Exercise before an exam to manage your stress level.

  2. Take a break from studying as the exam time approaches.  Do something fun for a few hours.

  3. Pack your backpack or school bag on the night before your exam. Bring everything you need: admission ticket, 3-4 lead pencils, an eraser, 2 ink pens, a sweater (in case it’s cold in the test room).

  4. Set your alarm, and have a back up alarm.

  5. Sleep well the night before the exam.

  6. Get up early enough on test day to do a quick content review. 

  7. Try to stay relaxed.

  8. Learn no new material on the day of the exam.

  9. Eat! Don’t take a big test on an empty stomach. Eat complex carbs and some protein. Hydrate – but not too much!

  10. Plan your travel to the test location: directions, parking, public transit, time needed. Arrive 10-15 minutes early for your test.

  11. Get psyched! You are ready. You have prepared for this test.

You can do it!

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