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Study Secret: Use Fractions of Time

Are you studying for tests and exams?

Here are a few tips:

  1. Work smarter, not harder.  Be smart about how you use your time.

  2. Divide up your big study tasks into smaller chunks, and tackle each chunk, one at a time. 

  3. And, make sure to maximize your use of fractions of time during your study day.

Here’s how to do it:

  • When making your study plan and schedule, space out your study tasks into chunks. Don’t try to learn large amounts of course material all at once.

  • Studies show effective study chunks are best kept to about 20-30 minutes. After that, take a break or reward yourself.  Then get right back to your study plan to tackle the next task. Make sure you cross off each completed task along the way!

  • Outside of your designated study blocks during exam prep, find other opportunities to get work done:  use fractions of time in your day to master course content and problems. 

  • use this time that usually would get wasted

Reclaim this time!

It’s a few minutes here and there throughout your day. Your studying efficiency can skyrocket, and some of this work may be your most focussed.

What can you do in a “fraction of time?”

Using a mind map, vocabulary flash cards, a cheat sheet full of math formulas, the periodic table for Chemistry, or lists of dates, jargon and definitions, you can use the fractions of time (that would otherwise be wasted in your day) to tackle exam content.

Keep easy-to-carry and portable materials on hand (in your backpack, purse, or binders) when you’re out during the day, and review them any time you have the chance.

Even if it’s just a few minutes of quick review, this focus will be effective and beneficial!  It will all add up.

For example, pull out your flashcards or formulas cheat sheet:

  • on a short bus ride to school;

  • during your carpool to your hockey, dance, or baseball practice;

  • when you’re sitting in the waiting room at the orthodontist’s office;

  • when you’re in line at the local coffee shop;

  • if you’re early for class, and the lesson hasn’t started yet.

If you’re new to the exam study process, be patient with yourself. Finding your unique study style takes time! Each time you go through exams, you’ll refine your skills and preferred style.  You’ll learn how to work smarter every time you endure this process.

I urge you to realize how much time you have every day to tackle your tasks. Use the fractions of time whenever you can.

Get into the habit.

You’ll be pleased at what you can accomplish!

If you do this regularly, you can gain many more hours of valuable study time during your exam period.

I dare you to try this!

You can do it!

For more information about how to manage your time well, check out this video.


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