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Stephanie Wilson Chapin: Media Executive

"You don't need a big vision. You need to stay open. There are many different routes your journey could go, and you don't want to miss something because you're so laser-focussed on a direction."

I had an interesting conversation with Stephanie Wilson Chapin. She has a strong passion for her work in media, and had determination from an early age to have a career in journalism.

Watch and listen to the conversation here.

Stephanie knew from a young age she wanted to have a career in broadcasting. At 16 years old, with the encouragement of her recruiter step-father, she had a "networking interview" with someone in the media industry to learn all about it. Stephanie would later reconnect with this contact when she applied to Journalism school; he was the the Chair of the program.

Stephanie attended Queen's University where she obtained a Bachelor's degree in History and Politics, a background she felt was useful for a career in journalism. At Queen's, she worked on the campus news channel: Studio Q, and built up a portfolio of work. Later she went to Ryerson University for to acquire a Bachelor of Journalism, where she was awarded "Most Promising Student in Broadcast Journalism."

Here are some of the highlights of our conversation:

  • find a mentor. Network to learn. Everyone you ask to meet for a conversation will say yes.

  • to get into a profession, show a "demonstrated interest" in it. This was her key in getting into the Ryerson Journalism program. She had a portfolio of work, as well as a network contact from a younger age, who was later the head of the Ryerson program.

  • to get into media? get experience in the work space. See if you like it. Do media-related activities. Decide if you like it.

  • in order to get used to networking, just get going with it. Once you do one or two meetings, you get over the hump that this is "super weird". It gets easier.


  • I don't have a typical day and that's why I like it.

  • it's chaotic sometimes.

  • we sometimes have to "put out the door" stuff that isn't perfect.

  • I coach my team. It's a lot of guiding, coaching, directing.

  • at my level, I've gone from doing to guiding and thinking.


  • flexibility, agility.

  • self esteem.

  • positivity.

  • marks at school matter to get a foot in the door, but then, most things can be taught.

More about Stephanie:

Stephanie Wilson Chapin, Sr. Director, Digital

Stephanie Wilson Chapin is the Senior Director for Bell Media’s digital sports, entertainment, lifestyle and news brands, including CTV News, BNN Bloomberg and CP24. Stephanie is responsible for the operations, strategic direction and growth of these digital properties. Simply put, any time someone visits one of Bell Media’s news properties via phone, tablet or computer, her teams manage the experience. Stephanie began her career in digital, right out of journalism school, at a small Internet agency, surfing the Internet for health links before Google existed. Back then, the Internet connection cut out every time the office phone rang. Fast-forward 20 years and she’s added The Globe and Mail, Harlequin Enterprises and now Bell Media to her resume.

This conversation was interesting and I could feel the passion Stephanie has for her work, and lifestyle (even over Zoom!)

Thank you Stephanie for sharing your stories and ideas with our audience!

This interview was taped during the COVID19 pandemic, May 2020.


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