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Start a Coronavirus Journal

Writing in a journal during this pandemic will help you organize your thoughts and process your feelings. ⁠

And, it may help educate future generations.⁠

Think of Anne Frank.⁠

It's incredibly useful for us both personally and on a historical level to keep a record of what's happening around us during difficult times.⁠

Take a moment, daily, to record what you're feeling. It's important. Later, you will appreciate the record of your experience. Someone else may too, many years from now.⁠

Here are some tips to get started:⁠

1) Know your story has value. Some of the best stories are from ordinary people experiencing something extraordinary.⁠

2) Record in a way that works for you. Options include: audio, drawing, video, and writing. Whatever works.⁠

3) Don't worry about spelling, grammar, and structure. Just write / record from the heart.⁠

Who knows, maybe someday your diary will provide a valuable window into this period. ⁠

For more tips and resources about how to spend time or manage life during school closures due to COVID19, keep checking our blog for lots of ideas. We are updating it regularly!

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Stay healthy and sane during this time.

Idea source: Jen Miller, NYT April 13/20


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