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Stacy McLennan: Interior Designer

"Focus on what you enjoy and like to do. It won’t feel like work! You can’t help getting very good at it."

I enjoyed chatting with Stacy about her interesting journey to interior designer and business owner in this interview, which took place in April 2020, during the COVID19 pandemic.

Stacy McLennan is an interior designer, business owner and television personality. She didn’t start out working towards career in this area straight out of high school; instead she hoped to be a police officer, after moving to Toronto from her small town.

She said as a kid she always loved to move furniture around in the house, and her mom's design flair influenced her.

Stacy loved to build things with her dad, and roam the tool aisles of Canadian Tire on the weekends with him.

Here are some more highlights of our conversation.

Advice for young people starting out:

  • "focus on what you enjoy and like to do. It won’t feel like work! You can’t help getting very good at it.

  • just take the next step. Move forward. As long as you’re doing what you enjoy, and don’t give up, it will fall into place;

  • be willing to pitch in!

  • show a willingness to be a team player;

  • do your best;

  • be flexible;

  • hone in on what you're good at, and specialize in that."

For more information go to More about Stacy: (source: LinkedIn)

Stacy McLennan is a graduate of the University of Toronto and International Academy of Design. She is FIDER accredited (Foundation for Interior Design Education Research) and NCIDQ qualified (National Council for Interior Design Qualification). Stacy is also a registered member of ARIDO (Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario) and IDC (Interior Designers of Canada).

Stacy started out her career in commercial design, and worked for over six years specializing in corporate interiors. She opened her own residential design company after winning HGTV's Superstar Challenge and hosting the television show Kitchen Equipped in 2004 (airing on both HGTV and Food Network Canada). Currently you can see Stacy showcasing her work on Citytv's CityLine

Thank you Stacy for sharing your stories and insights with us! You are an inspiration!

This interview was taped during the coronavirus pandemic, April 2020.


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