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September is the REAL New Year's

In my opinion, the real New Yearʼs Day is the first day of school. No, itʼs not a holiday like January 1st – itʼs the opposite – itʼs the first day back to school for the kids, and itʼs the first day back to real routines for Moms and families. Itʼs “back to reality” day.

I love the day after Labour Day – I always have. Itʼs a new beginning. As a kid I always loved the “back to school shop”: a new outfit for the first day of school, some new school supplies, a new pair of shoes. These things symbolized a fresh start for me, and limitless possibilities. I love to make Labour Day New Yearʼs resolutions! It feels more meaningful to make changes on this day than it does in the middle of winter, when the weather is cold and Iʼm recovering from too many Christmas cookies.

I can make meaningful changes in September, since so many things are changing anyway. The summer holidays are over, so Iʼm forced to quit the regular (constant) wine & cheese & socializing. September resolution examples: eat better and cut back on the red wine….

………thatʼs easy to do… one is available anyways…..everyone is back at work and at school and to tight schedules, so the socializing is over…..The changes are easier to make, because carefree summer is OVER.

Today it is time to start thinking about my actual list of September resolutions, as Labour Day approaches. When Iʼm done, I have a couple more weeks to enjoy the opposite behaviours – and this fact makes these last days of summer the very best of the year!


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