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Raising Resilient Kids: A Podcast Chat with Janet Fanaki, host of RESILIENT PEOPLE

I had the wonderful opportunity to chat with Janet Fanaki, host and creator of and the Resilient People Podcast.

Janet tells stories about EXTRAordinary people who are admired for their resilience. Her goal for RESILIENT PEOPLE (a beautiful website and compelling podcast) is to show that it IS possible to bounce back from challenges, and not only survive but thrive. All of the people she interviews have taken a problem and made an opportunity out of it.

Janet is very open and honest about her own resilience story in her story telling. She lost her husband in early 2020 to brain cancer (glioblastoma / GBM). He was only 51, and left behind a tight family: Janet, and two lovely teenagers.

In her work, Janet wants to inspire people and encourage them to find their platform and move forward -- take a problem and make an opportunity out of it. She's heard it called a "PROBORTUNITY".

To listen to our conversation about how parents can encourage resilience development in their kids, click here!

Here are some more of my thoughts about resilience:

Resilience is a kind of muscle we’re all born with. We can strengthen it by working on it.⁠

One way to illustrate the meaning of resilience is to say it’s like buoyancy. Think of trying to push a beach ball underwater, with the opposite force of it bouncing back.⁠

Resilience is the capacity to rise above setbacks and failures and to move forward with confidence and a positive outlook.⁠

In order for our kids to be able to handle life’s ups and downs, to prepare them to cope with and bounce back from challenges, and to help them find happiness after disappointment and failures, we parents have to take⁠

a close look at our own parenting style and actions. ⁠

How are our parenting styles affecting our kids’ resilience?⁠

For more discussion and tips about raising resilient kids, pick up a copy of my new book, LAUNCH YOUR KID: How to Promote Your Child's Academic & Personal Success (without being a helicopter parent), which will be available globally on January 21, 2021! ⁠

Or, listen to my conversation about Raising Resilient Kids, with Janet Fanaki, on her podcast RESILIENT PEOPLE.⁠

Check out the above links for more scoop about resilience and raising fabulous kids!⁠

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