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November Progress Reports: REALITY CHECK

Mid-term progress reports are coming out. 

For many, it won’t be pretty. This may be a reality check for some students, and there may be some tension around the house for a few days.

Here’s my inside scoop about November reports:

Brace yourselves!  November progress reports may be shocking!

Get ready, because these reports can be tough. Teachers don’t mince words, and they won’t give out marks freely.

It’s only about 2 months into the school year when teachers write them.  Students have barely had the chance to transition into new routines and curriculum.

They’re only now getting into the groove of good habits and focus. Their best is yet to come!

At mid-term, teachers report on what has happened so far. Teachers are blunt about students’ executive function, attitude, discipline, and work: positive and negative, in comments and marking.

It’s a reflection of what’s happening, but also a wake-up call for kids & teens to focus better and do the work.

Don’t panic if your November report is a far cry from the glowing reviews received last June (on full-year, wrap-up report cards). This is a different stage in a new academic year.

A bit of a shock can be the best thing for motivating students to embrace the new school year they’re in. 

There are still 8 months left to make to make meaningful efforts to learn & grow, and to achieve the best personal results ever!

My guess is that these progress reports will jolt students into a better place: new goal setting for personal bests and academic success.

Make this your best year ever! You can do it!

If you want to set goals for the rest of the term/semester, check this out to learn the best steps to take.

Here’s another one about preparation and creating an effective study space.

Contact Jane at Right Track if you want to do the Learning Skills Bootcamp and get your year in gear.


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