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November Progress Reports After Covid Lockdowns: What Parents Can Expect

I had a great conversation with Annette Hamm on CHCH Morning Live this week, about upcoming November school progress reports, and what parents can expect.

Check out the TV segment HERE.

The purpose of these report cards is for teachers to provide a snapshot of students' academic achievement, as well as learning skills development, for their parents.

This report can be a tough one to read, for both parents and students! That's because the school year has just begun, and teachers will comment on all the things kids need to work on... not just the positive stuff! November reports are rarely as glowing as June report cards -- the most recent ones shared with parents.

So get ready! COVID lockdowns impacts will likely show up in these reports too.

And it makes sense.

Many parents will worry about this, but it makes sense if your child is behind in one way or another. That's okay. (for some ideas about what parents can do to help, watch the segment, or go here.)

Life has been a bit crazy lately, hasn't it?

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