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Nix the Helicopter Parenting!

I was delighted to chat with Lori Mork, Empowerment Coach and Mom of two teens, on her podcast, Kiss My Curvy Assets!

And while this sounds as though the conversation would be racy -- it wasn't LOL! No. But it was a fab hour of warm, fuzzy sharing and conversation between two women about parenting and the joys and struggles of raising kids to be ready for the real world, without being helicopter parents.

I was delighted to find an exciting, fun, kindred spirit in Lori, who loves to empower others, and does her best to avoid being a helicopter Mom!

helicopter parent (n): an overbearing, overscheduling, and overpresent parent who gets involved in every detail of their kids' lives, and takes over the problem-solving, decision-making for them, especially in educational matters. This type of parent hovers overhead, like a helicopter, and usually acts out of love and caring but oblivious to the negative impact on long-term mental health of their children.

Listen to this episode #22, where ever you listen -- or click here!

To learn more about Lori Mork and her inspirational coaching and community, look for her on Instagram and on her website.

For more scoop and easy strategies parents can start using TODAY, pick up a copy of my book, LAUNCH YOUR KID: How to Promote your Child's Academic & Personal Success (without being a helicopter parent).


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