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New School Application Planning: Think Ahead to Sept 2021

Students currently in Grades 4, 5, 7, and 11 may be looking ahead to a school transition for September 2021. Perhaps you're looking at a specialized program, or private / independent school, for the year after next.

Whatever you're considering, get prepared now!

Many independent, private, and specialized schools have entry years at Grades 6, 7, and 9. Kids thinking about applying next fall should get focussed ASAP to make the most of the current school year.

Progress and results, pandemic or not, matter in the school year preceding an application.

Let's look at things parents and students should think about for the upcoming application season, beginning in September 2020.

(Students currently in Grade 11 may begin post-secondary applications in the fall of 2020. These students should look at other blog posts in this section for tips and resources.)

Suggestions for families preparing for application season fall 2020:

  • try to achieve strong academic results for this school year, in spite of the school closures. Focus on the courses needing the most attention. Be sure to learn foundational concepts in math, so that you will keep up next year.

  • make sure to convey your intentions for next year's applications to your current teachers. If your teachers are aware of your goals, they'll do their best to help you reach them. Make sure they're on board. Talk to them ASAP.

  • research the application requirements for the schools you're considering. Get organized with test prep, portfolio organization, audition plans, and deadlines.

  • explore school options online. Independent and private schools are businesses, and they need to fill the classrooms! They will surely have videos and other ways for families to learn about their school, since in-person tours aren't allowed at the moment. Contact the admission teams and set up a conversation. This will show schools you're interested in them - and you'll get on their radar.

  • discover new interests or develop new skills during the time kids would otherwise be doing extra-curricular activities. There are tons of resources online, for free, to help you get started.

  • think about how you will answer the question, "what did you do during the pandemic, when schools were closed" in an interview or application question. I would be shocked if this question was NOT part of the application, somewhere.

  • in Ontario, students have not had a full report card in the school year 2019 / 2020 due to school political action. Connect with teachers regarding the upcoming final report, and find out how to work toward a report that reflects progress and achievement during a tumultuous year.

If you have more questions or concerns about next year's application season for your child or teen, contact Jane to set up a conversation. Now is the time!

For more tips and resources about how to manage school and parenting during the pandemic, keep checking our resources page. We're updating it all the time.

Take care!


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