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Mindset Lessons with Megan O'Neill

In February 2020, I caught up with my dear old pal, entrepreneur colleague, and mindset mentor, Megan O'Neill. We discussed mindset, entrepreneurial pursuits, raising resilient kids, and much more.

Megan is a certified Core Beliefs Engineering Therapist.

She does wonderful work helping her clients with mindset strategy, so they can break through money blocks and other barriers to success.

Please join us in our conversation!

Find more episodes on the Belief Alchemy podcast, check it out!

Here's more information about Megan O'Neill:

For 14+ years, Megan's clients have come to her because they’ve been slogging it out in their business for a long time & they’re sick and tired of entrepreneurial groundhog day.

Never moving towards their goals.

After working with Megan, they’re transformed. They feel lighter. Clearer. Reconnected with their authentic power. They’re finally moving forward, seeing results & runs on the scoreboard.

She does this work because she wants you to step into your authentic power & connect to your true self. Because when you step into your own power, how you approach the world changes.

Suddenly, the momentum that you crave in your business starts happening with more ease than you’ve ever experienced before. You see the results in dollars and cents.

Megan guarantees that we’ll get to work fast on uncovering and healing the deepest layers of yourself, so that the results a big & long lasting.


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