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Jenny Dea: Physiotherapist

"Do things you enjoy. Not knowing what you want is okay."

I had an interesting conversation with Jenny Dea during the coronavirus pandemic, in April 2020. The interview is worth the watch! She tells us about her interesting career and journey so far. Check it out here.

Jenny Dea is a registered physiotherapist in North Vancouver, Canada, and she’s the team therapist for the Canadian Para-Alpine Ski Team. (MScPT, IFOMPT. Registered Physiotherapist. Diploma Sport Physiotherapy. IMS Certified.)

In high school, Jenny loved science, and grew up loving animals. She started out at Acadia University in Nova Scotia in Biology, and changed direction during her degree to a focus more on health sciences, from marine biology to kinesiology. After taking time to travel and work abroad, Jenny attended Queen's University to become a physiotherapist.

Some highlights of our conversation:

  • “I’ve never been afraid of changing my mind;

  • I don’t think that not finishing something is the equivalent of failure;

  • I’ve never been afraid of taking opportunities.”

  • regarding landing a job working with professional athletes: “there’s an element of connections and an element of luck. (Getting a job with a Canadian ski team) was a combination of right place, right time, and knowing the sport."

Jenny's tips for viewers who are at a crossroads, and may not know the next step to take:

  • "take a deep breath and chill;

  • it doesn’t matter where you’re going to school, you’ll love it regardless.

  • do what you enjoy;

  • not knowing what you want to do is okay;"

  • most important skill for 21st century? authenticity.

More details about Jenny: (source

Jenny is a highly sought after sports Physiotherapist based in North Vancouver.  She works with people from all walks of life; all ages of athletes from amateur to professional, and uses an evidence-based individual approach to solve problems. She is currently one of the team therapists with the Canadian Para-Alpine Ski team & Alpine Canada.

The best kind of medicine is preventative medicine. Jenny is a firm believer in this mantra and incorporates a holistic approach into her physiotherapy practice. She believes the body & mind must be treated as one. She is an advocate for inter-disciplinary, patient-centred care and will be the first one to ask if you if she can contact your GP or other health care providers to best serve YOU. You do not need to be injured to seek physiotherapy advice. Injured or not, a consult with Jenny will leave you one step closer to your lifestyle, fitness & rehabilitation goals. She works with a group of highly skilled personal trainers at Soul Fitness and together they are there to help you achieve your lifestyle goals. She also has a strong network of other health practitioners to refer to should the need for collaboration arise.

Jenny enjoys treating all orthopaedic conditions from acute sports injuries to the “I don’t know why, it just started hurting!” conditions.  She has vast experience with post-op protocols: ACL reconstruction, shoulder stabilization, rotator cuff repair, total hip/knee replacements, to name a few.

Jenny has a strong interest in evidence-based concussion management and rehabilitation. She has collaborated with and has been mentored by some of the fields leading neuro-optometrists, neuro-psychiatrists, physiotherapists and sport medicine physicians. This range of experience has allowed her to develop a unique skill-set when treating both acute concussions and post-concussion syndrome.

Once a competitive rower and downhill ski racer, Jenny dabbled in competitive ultimate frisbee before settling on her current sports (Ironman 70.3, trail running, hiking, reformer pilates and yoga).

Thank you for sharing your insights and life experiences, Jenny! You have a wonderful variety of adventure and activities in your life. You are inspiring!

More info about physiotherapy careers in Canada click here.


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