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Back to (Home)School: Here's How to Do It

School ramps up again this week. March Break is over. Many students & parents await updates from teachers about next steps during school closures. News is coming.

My message to students at all stages:

1) Ease into your new routines.

The school closure due to COVID19 is not going to ruin your academic plans and success. Trust your teachers. When you’re back to school, they’ll get you caught up.

2) In the meantime, STAY ENGAGED in your academics, no matter what grade you're in! Research shows that virtual learning can be just as effective as classroom learning (depending on the activity and engagement). 3) Adapt. Be resilient. We've got time on our hands. Let's use it to find new passions, learn new skills, get exercise, and get ahead. Kids & teens can still surf the web, hang on out social media, and play video games AFTER (or in between) some incredible creative growth activities.

The sky's the limit for what you can accomplish during this time! Keep checking in at Right Track if you need a push, or some inspiration about how to spend your time at home. We've got tons of ideas about how you can grow and find your passions, and we will add resources to this page continually over the coming weeks.

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