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How to Keep Kids on Track During School Strikes

I had the pleasure of chatting with Antony Robart at Global News Morning about school closures due to strike action, in February 2020.

I explained that during temporary closures, the best way to keep your kids on track are:

  • cling to the routines you already have: bed time, wake up time, meal time, activities.

  • plan ahead for what you know is coming. Adapt, and prepare a new schedule.

  • go with the flow. Be resilient! See this as a life learning opportunity.

Antony asked me if parents should give their kids extra assignments.

My response: "NO WAY! You'll lose your kids at this point!"

The teachers will ensure your kids get what they need at school. Trust them, and you can make the best of the temporary disruption by keeping your family healthy, and on good sleep routines.

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