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Helping Your Kids Thrive: MOMS SIPPING SANGRIA podcast

I had a great conversation with Sheila Walsh and Anita MacArthur, the hosts of the MOMS SIPPING SANGRIA podcast, (my kind of women😉) last week. ⁠

We talked about how we parents can promote our kids’ academic and personal skills at home -- and why learning skills are so important for our kids' academic progress and success!⁠

Sheila and Anita are exciting, best pals who have six kids between them: tweens, teens, and young adults -- they know motherhood inside out! ⁠

(I can't blame them for drinking sangria!)⁠

Thanks for the chat, Anita and Sheila --⁠

Listen to this episode here, and subscribe!

For more information about Moms Sipping Sangria, check out their website.


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