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Dr Sky Naslanas: Orthodontist

“Orthodontics combines science and art. You get to design a smile.”

In April 2020 during the COVID19 pandemic, I learned about Dr Sky's inspiring and exciting career and life. Watch the interview here! Don't miss her valuable insights.

Dr. Sky Naslanas. BSc, DDS, MSc. FRCD(C) Staff Orthodontist, Hospital for Sick Children, University of Toronto.

In our very interesting conversation, Dr Sky revealed that she always planned to work in the sciences, and originally worked towards medical school. She chose dentistry instead, and eventually orthodontics, a sub-specialty of dentistry. Sky explained that the appeal of this field was that it combined “science and art”, and permitted her to stay aligned with her personal values. She wanted to have autonomy in her work, and a healthy balance with her personal life (time with family and friends.)

Here are some highlights of our conversation:

  • regarding turning down her admission offer to medical school: “I would not be happy with all the rules and restrictions that come with working in a hospital. I would like to be my own boss. It would be a personal challenge. I would be pushing my personality out of my comfort zone.

  • I enjoy designing faces!

  • I enjoy my lifestyle. I can set up my own hours.

  • “there’s a lot of visual feedback and input” in orthodontics.

  • “I’ve enjoyed every day of it.”

  • “I like fashion. I can wear my own clothes. I don’t have to wear scrubs or white lab coats.” These realizations are important when exploring career pathways! Aligning personal values with work realities results in more satisfaction and excellence in one’s work.

Here are some more tips for students who are trying to find their way in the world:

“We all know what we like. If you don’t now what to do, don’t force it. Something will declare itself.”

Top skill for the 21st century?

  • adaptability to the changing world today.

What would you tell your younger self?

“High school and university years are fleeting. We feel that we don’t have time. But life will only get busier. You have time right now. Whatever it is that you want to pursue, now is the time. Focus on what makes you fulfilled in the moment, and the career path will come. Do what drives you and fulfills your soul because that will fuel your inner energy to pursue your career goals.” Here is more info about Dr Sky:

Dr. Naslenas is an established authority and a visionary in the field of orthodontics. She earned her Masters of Science degree at the Hospital for Sick Kids concurrently with Orthodontic Certification from the University of Toronto in 2005. Dr. Sky has gained the trust of her patients and colleagues alike by striving to deliver excellent results in the most caring manner.

In addition to establishing a private practice out of two Orthodontic Studio locations, Dr.

Sky maintains a staff position at the Hospital for Sick Children. She is committed to

teaching orthodontic residents and fellows, while working with the children born with

visible craniofacial anomalies and developmental challenges.

Dr. Naslenas can also be credited with development and implementation of protocols for

management of TMJ and tension headaches with neuromodulators. She continues to

update and improve these comprehensive protocols to address her patients’ needs. Dr.

Naslenas created a Continuing Education platform where she teaches migraine, tension

headache and TMJ pain management with Botox injections to dentists across Canada.

“It is a privilege and honour to be able to positively impact people’s self esteem,

confidence and quality of life”, says Dr. Sky. “Our goal at Orthodontic Studio is to

provide treatment and care in a manner that exceeds your expectations”.

Thank you for this interesting interview Dr Sky! You are inspiring! You've prioritized your work / life values, and pursued excellence as a science, business, and service professional.

You're a wonderful role model.

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