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Dr Dwight Chapin: Chiropractor.

"Be the best version of yourself, everyday."

Find our video interview right here. It's a great conversation!

“In my practice I see patients of all ages, young and old. Some patients see me because they are in pain, some because  they are looking to improve their performance or maintain their physical youth. Regardless, I tell my patients to think of me as their Orthopaedic Mechanic. The body’s capacity for healing is extraordinary. It is my job to help you maximize this  ability and live a pain-free, active lifestyle.”

Facts about Dwight:

- Co-owner of the Highpoint Wellness Centre in Mississauga Ontario.

- Doctor of Chiropractic, and qualified to practice Acupuncture and ART

- Attended , Queen’s University, BSc (Honours) Biology, Class of 1995, and CMCC Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College.

Dwight's work includes:

  • Clinic Director

  • Chiropractic

  • Acupuncture

  • ART (Active Release Technique)

  • Corporate Wellness

  • 2018 OCA Chiropractor of the Year

  • Toronto Argos Team Chiropractor

  • 2017 Grey Cup victory with the Argonauts

  • On-site chiropractor at The Globe and Mail

Some highlights of our conversation:

  • "I never had any idea where my journey would take me."

  • "there’s no formula, really."

  • "early on, I struggled out of the gates."

  • (in high school) "I was strong in the maths and sciences."

  • "I was drawn to helping people."

  • "coming out of high school, health care was a definite interest for me."

Dwight's advice for young people:

  • "follow your passions, and from there you’ll naturally fall into a line of study that you’re not even thinking of in high school."

What else can you tell young people to figure things out?

- "have patience."

- "it's okay not to know."

- "take the time. Be patient. Let that develop."

- "I’m not suggesting that’s an easy message to receive or to practice, but it’s important for them to hear it.

- don’t rush the process.

- take some time.

- have some fun!"

What skills are the most important today?

- "communication skills;

- empathy;

- hard work;

- be the best version of yourself every day. If you focus that every day and serving other people, you’re going to find success."

Thanks Dwight for a wonderful conversation. You are inspiring and I know your patients are fortunate to get your care!

This interview was taped during the coronavirus pandemic, in April 2020.


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