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Create & Promote your LinkedIn Profile FREE WEBINAR

FREE Webinar to learn how to Create & Promote your LinkedIn Profile is coming up:

Tuesday, April 21. 7:30 PM ET.

What's your digital footprint?

What's your online personal brand?⁠

I want my students to "stand out" online!⁠


1) Future employers, school admissions teams, and panels such as scholarships committees will search promising candidates on the internet before making offers and awards.⁠

2) Your digital footprint / activity is an extension of your personal brand. It matters, no matter what your age!⁠

What would someone find out about you in an online search? Do you know the answer to this? ⁠

Take control of your digital footprint by creating a LinkedIn profile.⁠

To help you, we're running a FREE LinkedIn profile creation webinar next week:⁠

WHAT: FREE Create & Promote your LinkedIn Profile Webinar ⁠

WHO: 16 year old students can publish a LinkedIn profile.⁠


High school students who aren't 16 are invited as well, to create a draft online resume, and get started promoting themselves online (they can publish their profile at age of 16, as per the terms of LinkedIn)⁠.

WHERE: In a private ZOOM meeting. Email or call us for the link and password.⁠

WHEN: Tuesday, April 21. 7:30 PM ET. Meeting will last about 30 minutes.⁠

Contact us today for the ZOOM link and password! Call or email us for more information! ⁠

Share with someone you know who would benefit from this free service!


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