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Cramming 1-2-3


You’ve left your exam preparation to the last minute. (Why else would you be reading this post?)

Take a deep breath, and let’s do this.

Here are some tips to make the most of a rotten situation:

  • eat well during your cramming session. 

  • avoid sugar and caffeine.

  • find a place to work where you won’t get distracted.

  • turn off your cell phone and TV. (No You Tube or gaming is allowed either.)

  • gather all materials and resources you need to cover.

  • do a scan or “read over” of all course content.

  • breathe, and try not to be too stressed. You need to make the most of your remaining time.

  • check the time. Break up your remaining study time into chunks of about 90 minutes each. Be prepared to take short breaks in between the time chunks. Get back on track diligently when your break is over.  You must stick with your plan.consider the material you’ve just scanned. Focus on the key formulas, and ideas in the course material.

  • create study notes of the most important information in the course. read your study notes. reread your study notes.

  • read chapter summaries in your texts. Add key points from the summaries to your study notes.

  • review term tests, review sheets, and assignments.

  • have a positive mindset. 

  • stay calm.

The truth is, cramming is a study technique that everyone’s used at one point or another during their academic journey (whether they admit it or not)!

Next time, get organized and manage your time well. 

When you cram, the neural connections formed in your brain are temporary. You’ll only store the new information in your short-term memory. It’s likely you’ll forget everything you learned during your cramming session almost immediately.

For long-term content absorption, you need to take time to learn and understand the material. 

Learning is incremental. You need to understand the material you’re learning now in order to grasp the new material later.

Don’t cram again. Learn from this experience!

You can do it!

For more information about how to practice good time management, check out my video.

To learn how to make study notes, prepare for math exams, create a mind map study tool, and get organized for an efficient exam period, check out my blog!


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