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parent virtual workshop




presented by

Glenda Healy of Seeking Scholarships &

Jane Kristoffy of Right Track Educational Services

Two Experienced Educators and Parents

"We've been where you are"


Our children have won $80,000+ in scholarships and received offers
to their first-choice schools & programs 

The workshop has been described by many parents as:





"It was great to attend with my daughter, so we had a point of reference during her high school years."

- Catherine B, parent

In the workshop, you will:

  • learn how to craft authentic, stand-out applications

  • construct grade-by-grade strategies to prepare for postsecondary education

  • develop career awareness

  • learn tips to get into competitive programs

  • learn the costs of postsecondary education

  • discover the funding sources for university and college

  • explore scholarships, bursaries, and OSAP

Girls Studying
College Lecture

workshop includes:

  • two hours of expert information

  • Q & A

  • two handouts

  • replay available for one week after workshop

Student on Mobile Phone

receive key tips & strategies

Parents will discover the admissions process and receive step-by-step guidance to guide their teens when they apply for scholarships, bursaries, and government assistance.*

Parents will:

College Friends

be prepared & confident

Parents will learn how to support and guide their teens to achieve academic success and build competitive applications.*

College Classroom

feel empowered

& informed

Parents will gain understanding and a new awareness of how to get their teens ready for life after graduation.*

(*without being a helicopter parent)



click on the date to register


MONDAY, MAY 8th 2023

7pm ET

Cost per family: $49.99


and, our fave workshop,

back, due to demand


a special event for students

attending university and college

in September 2023

(& their parents!)


Funding & Flourishing in

First Year

May 2023

details TBD

Glenda Healy

Glenda Healy, (BA, BEd, OCT) is an educator and researcher, and the publisher of The Scholarship Report, a one-stop resource for guidance counselors and students. She is the author of The Scholarship Report Handbook.


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Jane Kristoffy

Jane Kristoffy (BA, BEd, MEd, ACC, OCT) is an educational strategist who helps students find their academic direction. A guidance counsellor for 25+ years, she is a popular speaker and author of Launch Your Kid: How to Promote Your Child's Academic & Personal Success (without being a helicopter parent).

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Recently my wife and I attended the helping teens plan and fund their education presentation. This presentation is a must for all teens, parents or really anyone looking to make the jump to post secondary. It's hard to imagine taking that step without participating in this sit down. Key for us was the importance of preparation. We were glued the whole way through. Glenda/Jane Well done!


– Ray C., “parent of two kids making the jump into post secondary.”

Glenda and Jane are a dynamic duo. Their presentation combined their expertise, professional insight and curated wisdom on a topic of great interest. Taking away the mystery and malaise that can come with walking a child to the next stage of their academic pursuits. Carving out an evening to attend the seminar was invaluable and will reap dividends for my family. I’m glad that I chose to attend now while our child is still in Grade 10. With all this practical and applicable information it is never too late or too early to attend a session like this. As a parent, I feel prepared, energized and ready to support my child in her post-secondary academic pursuits. I am now armed with arsenal for the focus and drive toward the next finish line. I’m also excited and confident for my child to succeed in the pursuit of scholarships. I then sent my husband and many of our dad friends went to another one and they LOVED it too!

– Jen W., parent

Thank you for a very informative session on post-secondary education funding. I am a recent immigrant to Canada and hence, prior to the session, I did not have any idea of the alternate funding possibilities. I felt you and Jane presented a wealth of information in an authentic and clear manner.

– Viswanath V., parent of a high school student

Thank you for the session last night. It was a good way to kick off the quest for some scholarship funding for my daughter as she heads into Grade 12. I found the most interesting part of the sessions is the information you both share that is a result of your insider’s knowledge and that is not readily available. It is interesting to have information confirmed from professionals who are in contact with the universities.


– J.M., parent

I’m in my 22nd year of teaching high school. Your session provided excellent detail, real life examples, and certainly left me feeling more confident!

– S.D., parent of Grade 12 student

Very informative. I came in overwhelmed and with zero knowledge! Thank you for sharing your knowledge. You’ve given me lots of homework!

– Karen, parent of Grade 9 students

It was a lovely evening and I was just telling my colleagues how the information you provided and the messaging was top quality and on message with what we’re saying here too.


– J.M., Guidance Counselor

The Postsecondary Info Night was fabulous! As a parent with two teens in high school, I found this session to be invaluable. So much great information was shared, and I know that it was just the tip of the iceberg! Thank you!

– Debbie C., parent of Grade 9 & 11 students

Graduates Holding Diplomas

Glenda Healy, (BA, BEd,OCT) is an educator and researcher, and the publisher of The Scholarship Report, a one-stop resource for guidance counselors and students which is delivered to hundreds of schools across Ontario. She has also recently authored The Scholarship Report Handbook, a resource for parents on funding postsecondary education that includes a list of scholarships, bursaries, and awards. Glenda has taught English to Senior students editing hundreds of English essays including those for scholarship applications! Prior to this, she has had the pleasure of collaborating with various non-profit organizations, serving in both staff and volunteer leadership roles in local and international groups for over fifteen years. Glenda is passionate about providing awareness of educational opportunities, and potential financial aid to fund those opportunities, for the next generation!  

Jane and Glenda have four children between them. All of them received offers from their first choice program/school and won scholarships.

Jane Kristoffy (BA, BEd, MEd, ACC, OCT) is an educational strategist who helps students find their academic direction. She motivates kids to unleash their potential by helping them develop their learning and life skills, and find their passions and strengths. A teacher and guidance counsellor for over twenty-five years, Jane founded Right Track Educational Services in 2012. She’s a popular speaker on a variety of education and parenting topics as well as a regular guest expert on national television news programs. In January 2021, Jane released her first book entitled Launch Your Kid: How to Promote Your Child’s Academic and Personal Success (without being a helicopter parent), which is jam-packed with no-nonsense tips for parents about how to get their kids through school and ready for the real world!

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